Francisco Javier Salas Lausín - Zaragoza (Spain), 1980.

           I have been fond of photography since I was a child. As a young boy,
I had a gift for drawing, resulting in a faster and more convenient way to obtain
images with an artistic projection.
At first, I used my parents’ compact camera very occasionally and, at the same
time, I learnt the magic of the chemical development. At the age of eighteen a
friend of mine who knew about my hobby lent me a SLR camera, and this made me
buy –soon after-my first SLR. From that moment on, I started looking for the
images I had in mind. I have always felt attracted by the natural world, this
mainly due to the influence a couple of teachers had on me. That’s the way it
all began; then, outings and excursions all over the natural surroundings next
home, always in the search of remote, hidden places that still had something
to show. And step by step, the range-the same way as my thirst for knowledge-
became wider and wider, getting farther and farther. By then, the Pyrenees
were deep inside me. Unaware, I was being swallowed and, suddenly, one day I
found myself carrying a very heavy backpack full of cameras, lenses and other
devices, travelling across the most unexpected places.
           Here I show you some of the images that I’ve seen passing by in the
last years. They are the result of long, exhausting walks, of getting
up early and staying up late, of freezing cold and boiling hot, of lots
of anecdotes, friends and good times and, after all, the result of many
feelings and sensations. I hope you like and enjoy them as much as I do.
Thank you.

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